Why Leading Edge?

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The often-repeated statement that people are a company’s most valuable resource must be more than a cliche. Hiring decisions must be made with as much information about the potential candidate as possible – and not just information the applicant wants you to know! Leading Edge helps organizations improve retention rates by making sure they hire right the first time.

So often, new managers are unprepared for taking on leadership roles, and struggle specifically with interpersonal challenges. As an executive coach, Heather excels at helping her clients to improve self-awareness, self-control, and capacity for empathy – characteristics that combine to create high emotional intelligence or EQ.

Conflict between employees or between managers and direct reports can quickly undermine productivity – or cause valuable employees to leave the organization. With her skills as a business psychologist, Heather understands the complex interpersonal issues that can derail an employee’s performance. She is a talented mediator, who expertly guides those involved in conflicts to peaceful resolution in a respectful manner.

In today’s business environment, organizations need to make sure their employees are as productive as possible. Leading Edge Business Consulting can give your business its competitive edge.

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Leading Edge Business Consulting provides businesses with coaching and training to improve and teach emotional intelligence, handle conflict resolution, help with career transitioning and mentorship, improve employee retention and engagement, help with employee prescreening, and provide training seminars to the Allentown and Reading PA areas.

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