Top Management Tips

Hi, Heather Uczynski, business psychologist and executive coach with today’s management minute: top management tips. Don’t hide behind email. Sure, It’s a convenient and quick way to communicate, but it’s impersonal. Get to know your employees by walking around. It’s called management by walking around. Find out what they’re involved in and appreciate their efforts. Give your employees enough information to see the big picture. When they don’t have enough information, they fill in the gaps and usually it’s with the wrong information. Let them know what matters most and help them to see how they fit into the overall plan of the organization. Be aware of and take steps to help employees during times of need. Remember your employees are human beings with a wide range of emotion, not human doings. Not only is this something that will build loyalty to you and your organization, it’s just the right thing to do. Treat your employees fairly and respectfully. This has everything to do with trust. If your employees trust you, they will move mountains for you. Trust is built very slowly but can be totally destroyed in a moment of indiscretion. Challenge your employees and learn about their vocational goals. A bored employ will eventually move on to greener pastures.

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