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If you find that a client has violated part of your rental agreement, it is necessary to confront the tenant and take action as soon as possible. You can offer the option to change the lease, as described in your guest policy, and you will have the option to renew the lease at a higher rate and for a longer period of time. When it comes to increasing the rent, respect the laws of your local jurisdiction that surround the case. If you have successfully created a positive landlord-tenant relationship, you should be able to speak freely. Of course, the scenario mentioned above is a bit dedramatized. But there is no better evidence of the importance of tenant policy than such a story. The conclusion is simple: tenants have the right to accommodate customers, but this right should be limited to some extent and explained in detail. If you decide not to change the lease, you can ask the customer to evacuate or stay less often to comply with the lease. Otherwise, your option is to serve the tenant with an injury notification and threaten to terminate the eviction contract. If you choose this route, you must also inform the tenant in writing of their evacuation within the state`s time frame and call in a lawyer. “However, the specifications will be changed on the basis of the agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

The housing company may have its own provisions, with regard to visitors and extended stays e.V. parents who must be respected by all members of society and tenants. In cases of abuse of the property or illegal transactions, the lessor can evict the tenant and his client if it is established that he is in breach of the terms of the contract,” Bilkha explains. The grey area is the home of long-term clients who have moved into your apartment without your permission. Some ways to discover these guests-gone-rogue are: Does this mean I`m not staying on the guests? If not, do you have the right to prevent me from having my friend? Because the lease does not write anything about it. The wisest step would be to draw the line between clients, long-term visitors and unofficial tenants and to indicate the rights of tenants by group. For the good or the sick, there is no law that says how long a client must stay to be considered an unregant tenant.

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