Stamp Duty On Share Purchase Agreement In Uttar Pradesh

(b) if it considers that this instrument is taxable and is not properly stamped, it requires payment of the amount necessary for the calculation of the defect, as well as a penalty equal to four times the amount of the default of the duty of good faith: b) the obligation set by the collector in accordance with section 36, or an amount which, with the executable obligation of the instrument the collector has certified , by a mention on this instrument, that the full obligation (by specifying the amount to be paid) has been paid. is your solution provider for all your legal, administrative and registration requirements. We have also set up an API for stamp duty payment, which can be used in the same way by companies and individuals, in up or in another state in India. Use our draft documents such as sworn insurance, partnership agreements, leases, wills, trust, adoption certificates, power of attorney, gifts and many other documents as well. Do you need a service? Ask for one. The market value of the shares sold to the purchaser in the form of controlling interest, provided that the amount of the customs duty payable under this clause does not exceed (i) an amount equal to 5% of the market value of the property located in the territory of Uttar Pradesh of the transferred company; or (ii) an amount equal to 0.70% of the total market value of shares issued or awarded in exchange or by other means and the amount of the consideration for that merger, as the case may be , or (ii), provided that in the event of reconstruction or decompression, the taxable tax does not exceed 5% of the market value of the real estate purchased in the State. (ii) an amount equal to 0.70% of the market value of the shares issued or attributed to the resulting company and the higher amount of the higher one-cost severance pay (e) in the event of a transfer of ownership by a company or company registered by the transfer of shares of another company or company, the tax on the seal is borne by the ceding company acquires in accordance with point 2) of Section 2 point viii); leasing, including sublease or sublease, and any lease or sublease agreement (a) that sets rent and does not pay a premium or is not provided – (vi) becomes unnecessary as a result of the transaction that must be made by another instrument between the same parties and bears a stamp of no lower value; (1) For the purposes of this section, “exchange” is defined as a scholarship within the meaning of Section 2 of the Securities Contract (Regulation Act) 1956 (Law 1956).

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