Secrets for dealing with difficult people.

Ever notice that some people are a pleasure to deal with and require almost no effort from you. And then there are the others…

These people seem to attract conflict wherever they go. You know you’re dealing with what William Eddy, LCSW refers to as a “high conflict
personality” when you feel like you’ve been ambushed.

  1. Focus on the individual’s behavior, not their personality.
  2. Distance yourself or emotionally detach from the difficult person.
  3. Don’t make it personal.
  4. Bond with the person by validating their feelings. This does not mean that you need to agree with them.
  5. Do not encourage ‘venting’ of emotions.
  6. Set personal boundaries and do not allow yourself to violate them.
  7. Avoid direct criticism. Instead, suggest alternate ways of moving forward.
  8. Don’t terminate the relationship abruptly, which will trigger feelings of abandonment.


Heather Uczynski, M.A.

Heather Uczynski is founder and owner of Leading Edge Business Consulting.
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