Retention Tips

Video by Roland Boyden


Hi Heather Uczynski, Business Psychologist and Executive Coach, with today’s Management Minute on Retention Tips. Make sure your organization has a plan for re-engaging disengaged employees. As the saying goes “Some employees quit and leave, others quit and stay.” It’s important to ensure that all employees are a good fit in your organization’s culture. A company’s culture is the combination of its core values and the shared meaning of the majority of its employees. Don’t be afraid to get to know your employees personally and consider their family needs, and make sure to be responsive during an employee’s time of need. Not only does this build loyalty to you and your company, it’s just the right thing to do. An employee without an adequate home life is a stressed out employee. Remember most of us need a job and we all want a life. We should be able to have both.

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