Our Process

At Leading Edge, we make sure we understand your organization’s culture and goals before embarking on any intervention. We respectfully work to gather all pertinent information, talking with employees who can offer varying perspectives on any issues.

After reviewing the company’s goals and objectives for resolving specific issues, we outline what we believe will be necessary to solve their problem. At that time, we make decisions in terms of instruments to be used, timing, and personnel involvement.

Although our specific processes for coaching, consulting, and training vary somewhat, we always adhere to our general guidelines for working with integrity and purpose.

At Leading Edge, we continually strive toward the goal of creating a productive, profitable, and emotionally healthy workplace, where each employee is valued for the unique contribution they make.

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Leading Edge Business Consulting provides businesses with coaching and training to improve and teach emotional intelligence, handle conflict resolution, help with career transitioning and mentorship, improve employee retention and engagement, help with employee prescreening, and provide training seminars to the Allentown and Reading PA areas.

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