How to Keep Your Best Employees

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  1. Make sure the leaders of your organization have integrity. In one survey, integrity was the most desired trait staff wanted from their leaders. Deliver on your promises and be open in your communication, and you will be rewarded with loyalty to your organization. Treating employees well is good for business.
  2. Managers need to be open, fair, honest, and consistent to engender trust from their staff. One study found the 50% of work satisfaction is determined by the relationship an employee has with his/her immediate boss. People trust managers who keep their confidences and serve as advocates.
  3. Provide regular and meaningful recognition and rewards to personnel. A simple thank-you is something most people look for but never receive.
  4. Employee retention needs to be proactive – and it’s not all about the money. Make sure managers are aware of the career goals of their team because a bored worker with no opportunity for advancement will eventually move on.
  5. Evaluate employees consistently and fairly. An annual performance evaluation is not nearly enough. They need to receive continuous feedback and coaching, and should never be caught by surprise with a negative evaluation.
  6. Employees are only as good as the support that backs them up. Make sure your staff have the resources they need to be as productive as possible, by providing the right tools at the right time.
  7. Make sure your organization has a plan to help disengaged employees re-engage with their jobs. Disengaged workers can be very damaging to your organization.
  8. Avoid desperation hiring, and make sure your staff is a good fit in your company. Organizational culture is often overlooked in the hiring process.
  9. Managers should not be afraid to get to know their staff on a personal basis. It’s important to help employees achieve a healthy work/life integration and to offer assistance when someone is in trouble. Don’t force employees into choosing between having a life and having a job.
  10. Handle workplace conflicts quickly, professionally, and in a non-threatening way. Remember that employees are complete human beings, with their own personalities and a range of emotions. All business is personal.


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