Intuit Merchant Service Agreement

After learning all the ins and outs of Quickbooks trading services, you are in a good position to answer this question for yourself and your business. To qualify this corporate entity is, in my view, a path. They have accepted payments that they cannot process, which allows the customer to think that he is being paid just to discover that he has to reverse the transition and follow another path. The downtime is appalling every time you call, I dare say it is because the services and guidelines are terrible. I`m looking for a company to help you, that`s not what it is. They are short with all the answers, usually because they need to talk to several people before giving you a false and vague answer. If you`re dealing with payments over $1000.00, this is not the business for you, if you`re looking for a business to facilitate the management of your business and the collection of payments, this is not the business for you. Terrible service, I will cancel all QuickBooks accounts because of my experience with reseller services. 4. verification; Credit checks. You accept and authorize us (directly or through third parties) to make any requests we deem necessary to verify your identity and account information or to determine your current and current creditworthiness.

This may include inviting you to confirm your email address, mobile phone or bank account, or to verify your information from third-party databases (including collecting your individual and business credit report, personal profile or other information from one or more third-party databases). If you are a QuickBooks reseller, you agree that we may be able to access your QuickBooks account information and use it for insurance, identity or fraud analysis. In addition, you agree that your bank and consumer reporting agencies can provide us with all individual and commercial financial and credit information. You also authorize us to disclose all information we have received from a source (including credit reports) to a public, administrative or regulatory body, to our respective suppliers and to companies associated with fraud or verification purposes, to third parties, to the extent that those parties provide services to you or to us. , or to comply with applicable law or investigations, including, but not limited to the USA PATRIOT Act.

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