Employee Retention/Engagement

As the saying goes, some employees quit and leave, others quit and stay! Disengaged workers can be damaging to organizations not just because of their lack of productivity, but also because they can influence other employees with their negativity. Gallup estimates that within the U.S. workforce, disengaged employees cost employers over $300 billion dollars per year in lost productivity!

Additional research from Bersin by Deloitte (February 2015) tells us that criteria for top engagement include: how employees view their manager’s leadership skills and their ability to provide effective coaching and feedback, as well as meaningful work.

If an employee dislikes their immediate supervisor, there is an 80 percent chance they will become disengaged, according to findings released by Dale Carnegie Training. This study further identified the following four characteristics needed for engagement and employee retention as: enthusiasm, empowerment, inspiration, and confidence.

Poor hiring decisions also lead to disengagement and can cost organizations up to one times an employee’s annual salary, according to Saratoga Institute. Employees may begin to disengage if:

    • They don’t feel heard by their managers
    • They don’t receive appreciation
    • They don’t have enough time for non-work activities
    • They feel invisible

Management coaching and leadership training are two ways Leading Edge can help your organization gain productivity and improve employee retention retention rates.

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Leading Edge Business Consulting provides businesses with coaching and training to improve and teach emotional intelligence, handle conflict resolution, help with career transitioning and mentorship, improve employee retention and engagement, help with employee prescreening, and provide training seminars to the Allentown and Reading PA areas.

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