Employee Prescreening/Assessment

When you consider how job candidates are typically chosen to fill positions, it is understandable that certain hires don’t work out as expected. A good resume can make a candidate look attractive in terms of experience, but once they are hired, they may lack critical interpersonal skills. Some people interview extremely well, but are a different story in terms of actual performance. And references… well what candidate would provide anything but a positive reference?

One of the ways to avoid expensive hiring blunders is to prescreen candidates for characteristics of emotional intelligence. The instrument used by Leading Edge is the Simmons Emotional Intelligence Profile. By measuring thirteen characteristics, this profile determines how people’s feelings affect their behavior, providing an unusually accurate insight into how someone can be expected to work.

The characteristics measured are: emotional energy, stress, optimism, self-esteem, work ethic, detail, change, direction, courage, assertiveness, tolerance, consideration for others, and socialization. Not only does each category give vital information, but the interplay between the scales provides additional insight.

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Leading Edge Business Consulting provides businesses with coaching and training to improve and teach emotional intelligence, handle conflict resolution, help with career transitioning and mentorship, improve employee retention and engagement, help with employee prescreening, and provide training seminars to the Allentown and Reading PA areas.

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