Do You Know the Most Common Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs?

Pay can often serve as a smokescreen for other highly emotional feelings.  According to a survey of more than 800 MBA’s from eleven North American and European colleges, a substantial number were  willing to forgo some financial benefits to work for an organization with  a better reputation for corporate  social responsibility and ethics.

Here are the most common reasons cited for leaving jobs:

  1. Poor management
  2. Limited career growth and opportunity for advancement
  3. Poor communication
  4. Lack of recognition
  5. Poor senior leadership
  6. Lack of training
  7. Excessive workload
  8. Lack of tools and resources
  9. Lack of teamwork

Beware of the following ways your employees may feel unimportant:

  • Lack of simple appreciation
  • Excessive focus on numbers, not enough on people
  • Feeling they deserve recognition they don’t get, while others do
  • Feeling that no one even knows or cares if they exist
  • Recognition that is too late in coming

In addition to fair pay, employees want:

  • Challenging and meaningful work
  • A chance to learn and grow
  • Great co-workers
  • Recognition and respect
  • A good boss

Heather Uczynski, M.A.

Heather Uczynski is owner and founder of  Leading Edge Business Consulting, helping organizations to hire right and keep talented employees, resulting in better morale and increased productivity and profits.


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