Dealing with Difficult Clients

Video by Roland Boyden


Hi Heather Uczynski, Business Psychologist and Executive Coach, with today's Management Minute Tips For Dealing With Difficult Customers and Clients. First of all, put yourself in your customer’s shoes listen and acknowledge what your customer is saying, that doesn't mean you have to agree. You might want to say “I'm really sorry you feel that way” and don't take your customers anger personally. You could say “I understand you feel angry and mistreated. Let's see what we can do to resolve this,” and when a person isn't hearing what you say they're trying to control you. So, instead of getting into a power struggle, use the broken record technique say something like “I understand you feel mistreated our policy is” and then state your policy. Then just keep repeating and repeating until the person finally gives up. Make your customer feel involved in finding a solution. You can ask, “What would you like me to do in order to move forward?”


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