Charter School Agreements

According to the statutes, agents must issue a contract for each approved charter school, with a copy of that contract (accompanied by a copy of the application) sent to the public superintendent of public education. Michigan law states that each contract contains educational objectives and how it is evaluated at least on the basis of the state evaluation program, methods of monitoring the school`s compliance with applicable laws, a contract modification procedure, all application questions, the renewal process and standards that must include student growth as a primary factor, procedures and reasons for revocation of the contract, description and address of the physical facility, and financial audit requirements and procedures. The law requires that the application/contract contain a description of the charter school`s performance standards for students and the performance standards of the academic program. By law, the charter curriculum must be designed to enable each student to meet these standards and to include a comprehensive set of indicators, ratios, measures and objectives for the performance of the university program, including specific targets for graduation rates and standardized tests and academic growth. Pennsylvania law requires a “written charter,” signed by the author and board of directors of the charter school, with the written charter incorporating the school`s application. It is clear that the written charter must contain the provisions of the application, which the charter school must do, but does not require that the written charter also contain the responsibilities of the author. In addition, the statute only generally mentions the need for “performance standards established in the written Charter” within the revocation section, rather than requiring that the written charter define expectations for academic and operational performance, on the basis of which the school is assessed on the basis of a performance framework. Virginia law stipulates that the contract between the public charter school and its author must reflect all agreements regarding the release of the public charter school from the school sharing policy. It provides that such a contract between the public charter school and its author must reflect all requests to unblock the public charter school of state rules. Arizona law provides that the initial duration of the charter is 15 years, but requires authors to re-explore the charters five years apart using a performance framework adopted by the author. Missouri law requires the negotiation of separate contracts with charter schools that clearly express each party`s right and responsibilities with respect to academic autonomy, expected outcomes, measures to assess success or failure, results and other essential concepts.

The law requires that the application/contract determine the responsibilities of the charter school and the author.

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