Case Study

Leading Edge was engaged by a manufacturing company that was having difficulty transitioning their culture from what began as a small family business to a present-day company with 50 employees.  This is a fairly common organizational issue.

The company was experiencing conflict because some employees were continuing to behave as if the company was the same as it was 20 years ago.  Specifically, these employees were rebelling against new management practices that required them to be more accountable for their productivity.

We began our work by interviewing the employees and managers embroiled in the conflict.  We also screened some of these employees with the Simmons Emotional Intelligence Profile to see which personal characteristics might be in play.

We then began our conflict resolution work by bringing together small groups of employees who were experiencing the most conflict.  This was a long, emotional, but productive process that enabled us to work through some mistaken beliefs and polarized positions.

The next step was to initiate executive coaching with the some of the newer managers, who were experiencing the most difficulty with their direct reports.  By requiring more accountability, with support from C-level executives, the managers were able to make gradual progress in moving the ‘old guard’ employees to acceptance of the new company culture.

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