Aircraft Management Agreement

An owner should learn about the manager`s personnel management, training and aircraft maintenance functions and know exactly how the manager will be able to support the owner`s operation. The number of management companies can vary considerably in terms of size and expertise, so it is advisable to be specific. Does the manager use aviation safety or similar training programs for flight crews? Does the manager have sufficient staff to support the owner`s operation? How big is the pilot pool for the owner`s aircraft, and does the manager rely heavily on contract pilots? Some owners also prefer a dedicated flight crew — they want to see the same pilots every time they get on their plane. Kraft appoints the manager for the limited purpose of implementation and on behalf of Kraft, all maintenance and maintenance inspection contracts or other agreements necessary for the administrator to meet his obligations under this contract. Kraft undertakes to compensate and discourage managers from any claims, damages, losses or expenses resulting from such maintenance and maintenance inspection contracts or other agreements necessary for managers to meet its obligations under this Agreement. 11.8 Waiver. No delay or omission in the exercise or performance of a right or remedy by any of the parties should be construed as a waiver of that right or an appeal. All remedies, rights, obligations, commitments and agreements included are cumulative and not mutually exclusive. (a) Kraft pays the trustee a monthly administration fee in order to reimburse the trustee a party advising an annual fixed fee related to the performance of the administrator`s obligations and obligations under this contract. The first estimate of fixed costs and monthly administration fees are exposed to Schedule C. Fixed expenses described in Figure C include, among other things, overhead, ancillary benefits and other salary costs for aircrew, maintenance and other administrative officers. All fixed expenses related to revenue (costs shown in Figure C) include a 5% increase. The manager heresafter designates Jim Woolley, telephone (914) 288-3021, as a point of contact for flight planning.

The administrator may change his contact for flight planning by informing Kraft of this change in writing in accordance with section 11.3. Risk considerations should also be discussed, as they relate to the management company`s safety record, as noted above, as well as insurance coverage and compensation. An owner should receive a copy of the insurance policy and confirm that the limits are sufficient to cover the owner`s financial situation. Owners should also fully understand the compensation contained in the corresponding administrative agreement. Compensation is a contractual obligation of one party (to compensate) to compensate the other party (compensation) by the action of compensation. However, some agreements stipulate that the owner must compensate the manager for the manager`s loss as a result of the manager`s actions, even if the manager was negligent. In other words, an owner must fully understand what is agreed upon when signing an administrative agreement, and often management agreements are audited and negotiated by an owner`s legal advisors and advisors.

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