Conflict Resolution/Mediation


According to one survey, managers spend, on average, about a full day every week intervening in employee disputes.  Another study revealed that 65 percent of performance issues result from strained relationships between employees.

Conflict in the workplace is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s resolved effectively.  In fact, it can even lead to both professional and personal growth.  But, for most managers, dealing with conflict is a dreaded responsibility that often gets avoided, which only serves to worsen the conflict.  Without fail, serious unresolved conflict poisons the work environment.

At most organizations, human resources departments are charged with intervening in conflicts – often reluctantly and ineffectively.  At Leading Edge, we are expertly trained in sensitively navigating contentious situations.  Although working through conflicts is not easy, the rewards of doing so are huge in terms of increased productivity.

When an organization requests our help to resolve a specific conflict, we spend time interviewing all parties involved, then bring the parties together to mediate a solution.  We will also train employees in the art of resolving workplace conflicts.