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Hire, coach and retain top performers. Don't leave it to chance. We can help!

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Leading Edge helps organizations improve retention rates by making sure they hire right the first time.

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We continually strive toward the goal of creating a productive, profitable, and emotionally healthy workplace for you and your employees.

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as long as it’s resolved effectively. We are experts at resolution and mediation.

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Looking for a conflict resolution expert to help defuse a tense human resources situation? Call us: 610.763.7905

Why Our Firm

We can help you hire the right people and improve your ability to retain them.

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Our Time Tested Process

Remove the guess work out of hiring the best, as well as preventing or resolving conflicts.

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Our Work: Case Studies

How we helped a company through a cultural transition with conflict resolution and coaching.

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Emotional Intelligence Evaluation / Training

Lack of emotional intelligence (EQ) can derail an executive faster than any other workplace issue. Classic emotional failings in a leader ...

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Employee Retention / Engagement

As the saying goes, some employees quit and leave, others quit and stay! Disengaged workers can be damaging to organizations ...

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Conflict Resolution / Mediation

According to one survey, managers spend, on average, about a full day every week intervening in employee disputes. Another study revealed ...

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Employee Prescreening / Assessment

When you consider how job candidates are typically chosen to fill positions, it is understandable that certain hires don’t work out as ...

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Career Transition / Mentorship

As the saying goes, not only do you need ‘the right people on the bus,’ you need people in ‘the right seats on the bus.’ Sometimes, a person is just not ...

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Training Seminars / Coaching

Leading Edge will customize a training or presentation on almost any workplace topic. Some of our more popular topics are: ...

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"It is important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence. It is not the triumph of the heart over the head. It is the unique intersection of both."

— David Caruso


Farbiarz & Antanavage

Russell Farbiarz

Heather is an excellent coach and doesn’t let me get away with anything. She keeps me focused on accomplishing my goals, and gives me direct advice for handling sensitive employee issues. Engaging Heather as my executive coach has been money well spent!

Russell Farbiarz
Managing Attorney Antanavage


Heather skillfully bridges the research and theories of psychology with real-life dynamics and challenges of management and leadership in business today. I know her to be an excellent coach and facilitator.

Mike Sutton
Chief Executive Officer

Berks Fire Water Restorations Inc.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather Uczynski, Leading Edge Business Consulting. Her consultation and profiling testing methods are not only accurate but also beneficial…

Lisa D. Lavender
Chief Operating Officer

Human Resources East Penn Manufacturing Company

Our organization has used Heather’s coaching services on numerous occasions with solid results. As a business psychologist, she is insightful and skilled in her ability to connect with individuals where they are and move them to where they want to be. Heather is also a talented mediator who expertly guides those involved in conflicts to peaceful resolution in a respectful manner.

Robert Harrop
Vice President

Comfort Keepers

Dave Kendall

Heather’s trainings are relevant, valuable, and personalized toward her attendees. It is always evident that she does significant preparation prior to each individual session; as information is very current – never canned. Heather is a true professional.

Dave Kendall
berks fire water restorations inc
east penn
antanavage farbiarz
gerhart pest control
chuck holder llc

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