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Why Our Firm

We can help you hire the right people and improve your ability to retain them.

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Our Time Tested Process

Remove the guess work out of hiring the best, as well as preventing or resolving conflicts.

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Our Work: Case Studies

How we helped a company through a cultural transition with conflict resolution and coaching.

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Emotional Intelligence
Evaluation / Training

Lack of emotional intelligence (EQ) can derail an executive faster than any other workplace issue. Classic emotional failings in a leader

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Conflict Resolution /

According to one survey, managers spend, on average, about a full day every week intervening in employee disputes. Another study revealed

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Career Transition /

As the saying goes, not only do you need ‘the right people on the bus,’ you need people in ‘the right seats on the bus.’ Sometimes, a person is just not

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Employee Retention /

As the saying goes, some employees quit and leave, others quit and stay! Disengaged workers can be damaging to organizations

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Employee Prescreening /

When you consider how job candidates are typically chosen to fill positions, it is understandable that certain hires don’t work out as

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Training Seminars /

Leading Edge will customize a training or presentation on almost any workplace topic. Some of our more popular topics are:

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It is important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence. It is not the triumph of the heart over the head. It is the unique intersection of both.

- David Caruso


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